Finance For Solar Panels

Greensphere Renewable Energy is now offering loans to help spread the cost of installing solar panels on your home.

A fully-installed 4Kw system costs less than £5k, and could generate up to £24K in Feed-in Tariff payments and energy bill savings over 20 years (based on a south-facing roof at 35 degrees with no shading).

The latest finance deals mean the cost of the system is normally paid for after the first five or six years, during which time you enjoy the benefits of lower electricity bills.

Once the the system is paid for, you’re free to enjoy up to 15-years tax-free income from your solar panels.

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Can I get free solar panels?

At one time, there were lots of companies offering free solar panels. How it worked was the company that installed the panels kept the Feed-in Tariff payments, and the homeowner would use the power generated by the panels.

This scheme proved unpopular owing to uncertainty around who actually owned the roof, who would be responsible for insurance and maintenance of the panels, and what happened if the property was sold.

Are solar panels worth it?

The cost of energy from conventional sources is only going one way – up. The Department of Energy and Climate Change says electricity prices are expected to rise 40% over the next 10 years. If you’re generating your own power, you’ll be using less energy from your supplier, which will reduce your bills.

While the Feed-in Tariff rate has been cut dramatically, the cost of installing PV has fallen too. Solar can offer a healthy return on your investment if you take into account the cost of installing your system, the size of the system, your location, and the size of your house. For more information, please get in touch.

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