Change Energy Supplier For A Share Of £2.7 Billion

13.5 million households across the UK are missing out on their share of £2.7 billion by sticking with their energy company, according to the UK government. By shopping around and taking advantage of the best energy deals on the market, millions of people can save around £200 – and some can save even more.

The ‘Power to Switch’ campaign, launched on 16 February 2015, encourages people to switch supplier and save money by visiting

Switch supplier and save hundreds of pounds

With 26 energy companies on the market and some fixed deals £100 cheaper than they were a year ago, there’s never been a better time to find a great deal, switch and save.

Launching the campaign, Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said:

“When it comes to switching, the power is in people’s hands to get a better deal and save.

We’ve reformed the market so that there are more suppliers, more competition, and a much faster and simpler process to switch. That means millions of people can switch supplier and save hundreds of pounds today.”

Ofgem has recently strengthened its Confidence Code for price comparison websites, setting tighter standards on how tariffs are displayed with websites given until the end of March to comply.

Big differences in price between energy firms

“We need to shout loud about the benefits of switching tariff, said Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert. “Too many people think energy firms are ‘all the same’. That’s far from true, there are huge differences on both price and customer service.

The worry is that news of recent price cuts, even though they were paltry, will have given many false confidence that they’re on a decent deal. Examine the figures and the ugly truth is very different.

Even after price cuts, someone on a Big 6 supplier standard tariff with typical use will pay £1,158 a year, whereas switch to the cheapest tariff and they’d pay just over £900 a year. So it’s worth people taking 10 minutes to see if they can save themselves £250 ― at an hourly rate of £1,500 if someone else was offering this to you as work, would you turn it down?”

The ‘Power to Switch’ campaign will run for four weeks and will include national, regional and online advertising, encouraging people to switch and save.

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