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Your investment into Solar PV could generate between 9-11% returns, tax-free, index-linked and government backed for 25 years (thanks to the Feed-in Tariff), and you can either pocket that income or invest it into an ISA every year. You will also save hundreds on your electricity bills whilst reducing your carbon emissions.

We are convinced that there isn’t an ISA or investment currently available that will give you these returns. Take a look at the link to the following website which will calculate the likely 25-year return on an investment and enter the following figures (ignore the fact that these are shown in dollars – the end result is the same):

Starting Balance £13,000
Monthly deposit 0
Interest rate (lets set a generous 3%) 3%
Compounded Quarterly
Number of Years 25

You will be given an annual figure which shows how your £13,000 will grow each year over the 25-year period, with an end result of some £14,219.11 over the 25-year period. Now compare this to a Solar PV array fitted to a South facing roof, at a 30 degree pitch. For the same £13,000 investment you should see an income of £52,086.74 over the same 25 year period.

PLEASE NOTE: The above information is only provided as a guide and does not constitute financial advice. If you require further financial advice. Please contact a local financial advisor.

Businesses of any size, schools, churches, community groups, not for profit organisations, in fact any organisation can benefit from Feed-in Tariffs. You will need to speak to your accountants regarding the tax benefits, but the FITs and savings would be as indicated above.

If you need any clarification on Feed-in Tariffs or how to maximise your use of them please call us on: 01691 688527.

Greensphere Renewable Energy Ltd as a Supplier/Installer of Solar PV systems are Micro-Generation Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited. This is essential and is a precondition to qualify for receiving the Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FITs) payments.

PLEASE NOTE: Installation by non-MCS will NOT qualify the solar PV system owner for the FITs

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