Advantages Of Solar Energy

Generating your own clean electricity is kinder to the environment. And your finances will benefit from your solar PV system in three ways:

1. Generation tariff

You’ll get paid for every watt of energy you generate – whether you use it or not. We’ll fit a generating meter between the inverter and your consumer unit (fuse box) that logs every watt produced. It’s this data that the utility companies use to calculate your FITs payment. FITs payments are index-linked, tax-free and guaranteed for 20 years.

2. Export tariff

The electricity you produce and don’t use is exported back to the grid. You’ll get paid for this energy too. Electricity suppliers assume you’ll use 50% of the energy you produce and export 50% to them (owing to the high cost of fitting smart meters on domestic systems).

3. Savings on your energy bills

Generating your own electricity means you’ll need less from your energy supplier. You’ll make the greatest savings during daylight hours. The power your system produces will fluctuate depending on light levels. But it is possible to generate enough power to offset much of the electricity you use. Greensphere Renewable Energy will work with the DNOs1

1. Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) own and operate the network of towers and cables that bring electricity from the National Grid to our homes. Electricity suppliers then sell electricity to consumers.

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