Solar Panels

There are two types of panels – polychristalline and monochrystalline. Either panel will work fine in your installation, although most panels fitted in the UK are monos. Panels come in a variety of sizes. But it’s the total output of your combined installation that’s critical.

We can install panels in either portrait or landscape orientation, depending on he size and shape of your roof. Our engineers will design the optimal system for your roof based on the findings of our surveyors.

Although we can source solar panels from any manufacturer, we use Sunny Energy and Ecsolar because their panels have performed best for our clients. Because we buy our solar panels in large quantities we normally offer slightly better prices.

Suntellite solar PV panels

Sunny Energy Ltd manufacture Suntellite panels. They are dedicated to PV product development and manufacture and provide comprehensive photovoltaic systems. Their international sales and after-sales service is exceptional.

Suntellite 250wp panel

Sunny Energy’s sublime black-on-black panel comes with black cells, frames and backing sheet. These panels are ideal for installation on darker tiles roofs, such as slate, for an aesthetically pleasing result.

  • Optimal permutation on solar cells to diffuse heat and decrease ‘hot spot effect’
  • High-quality, anti-aging EVA. Weather resistant for reliability
  • Moisture resistant and withstands high/low temperatures
  • Strong – passed 5400pa mechanical loads testing by UL
  • Each panel meets strict quality inspection and 100% electrical performance test
  • 0~+3% power tolerance, TUV, UL, MCS, CE, ROHS, Gold Sun certified

Introduction to Sunny Energy

Suntellite brochure (PDF)
Suntellite 250w Black (ZDNY-250CB60) installation manual (PDF)
Suntellite MCS certificate (PDF)
Suntellite warranty (PDF)

ECSOLAR solar PV panels

ECSOLAR is one of the leading partially vertically integrated manufacturers of crystalline solar cells and solar modules. Their fully integrated production line and advanced producing and testing equipment ensure strict quality and cost control.

ECSOLAR 250W Mono All-Black Module

  • Wide power range: 5W – 310W
  • Certified and approved by CE, TUV, IEC612515, IEC61730, MCS, CEC
  • High conversion efficiency through advanced manufacturing technology
  • Excellent performance in weak light conditions
  • Customised solution: mono/polychrystalline; framed/laminated; large/standard size
  • 10-year product warranty and 25 years output warranty

ECSOLAR Panel data sheet (PDF)
ECSOLAR Warranty (PDF)
ECSOLAR Certification (PDF)

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