Can I Change Energy Supplier If I Have Solar Panels?

Energy tariffs for domestic customers are now easier to understand and compare. So it makes sense to shop around. But can you change your energy supplier if you have solar panels?

You use the power your solar panels generate in your home. When your panels produce more electricity than you need, the surplus is exported to the National Grid. At other times, you’ll need more energy than your panels can provide; this is when you buy power from your energy supplier.

Buying energy from the grid

You aren’t tied in to buying your electricity (and gas) from the supplier who pays your Feed-in Tariff. If you find a cheaper deal, you can switch just like any other domestic customer.

Selling your surplus electricity

When it comes to selling the power you don’t use, Ofgem, not the energy companies, sets the FiT rate you get. So you won’t get a better deal money-wise by shopping around.

But, you might want to change your supplier for other reasons. For example, better customer service or quicker FITs payments.

Switching your FIT licensee

The energy company that pays your FiT is called your ‘FiT licensee.’ If you want to switch, first check the supplier you’ve chosen will pay your Feed-in Tariff. If so, they may ask you to fill in a new FIT application form and confirm you want to switch in writing.

Your new FiT licensee then agrees on a date, and generation reading, for the switch to take place with your current supplier. Your new licensee should tell you when the switch is complete.

Do all suppliers pay Feed-in Tariffs?

Each of the Big 6 – British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, ScottishPower, and SSE – have to pay Feed-in Tariff by law. UK independent suppliers legally don’t have to, but many do. You can see a list of registered FiT licensed suppliers on the Ofgem website.

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