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Councils, housing associations and homeowners across the UK use our modular buildings. Greensphere Modular constantly strive to exceed the rigorous standards demanded by our clients.

We ensure clients are fully engaged throughout the entire project. We encourage factory visits, where we can discuss specific needs, to make clients feel part of the manufacturing process.

Adapting your home

If you or a family member is disabled, small daily tasks can become huge obstacles in a standard house. Modular adaption pods are a way of adding accessible space to your home quickly with little disruption to your lifestyle.

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Modular spaces

If you are looking for a holiday cabin or extension to your living space, we can design and manufacture something to suit your needs. Whether you need emergency housing or a meeting room – there's no limit to what you can use a pod for.

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Penthouse extension

If you live in a top storey apartment, imagine creating your very own penthouse. You might think an extension to a city centre building would be nigh on impossible.

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Building an annexe

Modular construction makes building an annexe in the garden a painless process. Greensphere offers a variety of fully furnished self-contained units that can be easily located at your property.

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Extending your home

Do you love your home but need more space? Perhaps you'd like to move to a bigger house but can't. Extending your home could give you the extra space you need.

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