Building An Annexe


Modular construction makes building an annexe in the garden a painless process. Greensphere offers a variety of fully furnished self-contained units that can be easily located at your property.

Pods can be as simple as single room studios. Or as large as 4-bedroom units. All our granny/nanny annexes have optional kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Extend a home
If you need an extra guest bedroom or more living space at home e.g. for teenagers, building an annexe can be an easy solution. You enjoy the benefits of having more space while keeping your home separate. But, if you’d like, we can to attach your modular building to your home.

Outdoor studio
Advances in technology mean many of us now work from home some, or all of the time. While home-working has its advantages, it’s sometimes difficult to find a space where you won’t be disturbed. Some people find they’re happier and more productive when they have a designated workspace. Leaving the house to go to your outdoor studio can put you in a “work” frame of mind. Leaving your home to be a relaxing space away from the office.

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