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What is modular construction?

Modular construction is a method we use to build structures off-site. Prefabricated structures are modular i.e. made-up of sections. These “pods” can add an extension to a house or make pre-built houses.

There are numerous types of offsite construction ranging from the most simple such as pre-hung door sets all the way through to fully finished buildings. The 2 most common types of modular construction are panelised systems and volumetric systems.

As the name suggests, panelised systems are exactly that: large wall, floor and roof panels that are bolted together on site to quickly deliver the fabric of the building. We complete all other internal and external finishes onsite. The advantages over traditional construction are the speed that a high-quality frame can be erected onsite to provide the on-site crew with a dry envelope to complete the build.

Volumetric systems
Volumetric systems (our speciality) take the panelised wall, floor and roof panels and erect them in our production facility to create the actual building on the factory floor.

Our factory based fit-out crew of plumbers, electricians, joiners, tilers and decorators then finish the entire building internally. We decorate the walls, fit bathrooms, kitchens and fitted furniture, lay carpets and install lights and all electrics along with all plumbing and mechanical services. The building is ready for occupation prior to leaving the factory.

We can apply external finishes such as cladding systems, insulated renders and brick slips. Greensphere Modular thereby ensure the highest quality throughout the entire build process due to the rigorous quality control systems of the factory environment.

Conventional building materials, codes and standards apply to pod building. But modular construction takes less than half the time of a traditional build.

After construction, the pod is ready for installation. It’s transported to the site and craned into position on the building’s foundations. The pod is then joined to another pod, or an existing structure, to make a single building.

Types of project
Whether its simply adding an extension to a house or creating a village of manufactured housing, Greensphere Modular can make almost any structure your architect designs.

Typical projects for home owners:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Pre-built houses

Commercial buildings can range from:

  • Schools and modular student rooms
  • Prisons
  • Hospital units, clinics and care homes
  • Hotels
  • Staff quarters and key worker accommodation

Fast construction time
The British climate can cause all kinds of delays to building projects. We manufacture your pod inside our factory, so there will never be weather delays. Greensphere Modular will deliver and install your annexe, adaption unit or home extension within 12 weeks of your order – that includes the 8 weeks of planning approval.

Cost effective, reliable budgeting 
Factory construction means you can budget with confidence knowing there will be no overruns. Faster construction time means less cost overall. And, because our factory is in rural Shropshire, we can offer you lower prices than large, city-based building contractors.

Personal service
We really enjoy working with our clients to design your project to your exact requirements. Don’t forget, because we manufacture the finished building, we will fit your completed kitchen and bathroom. As such, our design team will work with you to offer a variety of fixtures, fittings and finishes that you may not even think would be within your budget.

We encourage your interaction and input during this all-important design phase. And we and encourage you to visit our factory and showroom to select your finishes, much like the Huf Haus process you may have seen on TV. Then just leave it to us to deliver and install your new building a few weeks later.

A greener solution
10% of all material delivered to site is waste, according to current estimates. But factory waste runs at less than 1%. We monitor our factory waste and minimise deliveries to site – thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

Less disruption to your home
We can be in and out in a matter of days depending on the scope of work. So you won’t have builders and their equipment on site for weeks on end. It is perfectly feasible for us to deliver your modular building and for you to move in the same day.

It takes less than a week for us to complete the onsite work. Because most of the modular construction happens offsite, we don’t need as many tradesmen (plumbers, electricians, tilers) on site – so the project is cleaner, quicker and simpler.

Building in hard-to-reach places
If you have limited access to your garden or roof, and you want to add a room on to your house, we can help. We can make your pod in our factory and then crane it into position over your roof as a fully finished unit. We’ll only need access to the inside of your home for 1 day.

Guaranteed workmanship
Greensphere gives you a 12-month warranty on your building that is in addition to the statutory requirements and building regulations that we are obliged to meet. Please ask us for more details.

Site survey
We’ll visit the site to take measurements and plot the drain, waste and service runs. We’ll also carry out ground and structural surveys if necessary.

Planning application
If you wish, we can prepare planning drawings and help secure planning permission for your project.

Quote and design
Our designers will work with you to agree your final specification. Then we’ll offer you a firm quotation.

We’ll provide documentation for grant applications and Approved Documents for Building Regulations.

Project management
You’ll have a dedicated point of contact at Greensphere. We’ll give you full and transparent access to the project and its progress.

Once you’ve agreed your design and accepted our quote, we’ll begin manufacturing your pod. You’re welcome to visit us at any time throughout this period to check progress.

While your pod is constructed, our groundworks team will be on-site carrying out all necessary foundation, drainage and services works.

We carefully coordinate our manufacturing and installation teams to fast track your project and spend minimal time on site. On delivery day, our installation team will be on site to connect and commission your pod ready for hand-over.

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