Extending your home


Do you love your home but need more space? Perhaps you’d like to move to a bigger house but can’t. Extending your home could give you the extra space you need.

But how to extend your house without the inevitable months of building work? The answer is a pre-built extension.

How long does an extension take to build?
We will deliver and install your home extension within 12 weeks of you placing your order – including 8 weeks of planning approval. Our pods are fully compliant with current building regulations and meet Code 4 for Sustainable Homes as a minimum standard.

It is possible to achieve a total carbon free project if that is the desire as we can utilise cutting edge products along with a variety of renewable energy sources such as solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and air source heat pumps into our buildings. By its very nature, off-site construction is much greener as we minimise waste and reduce deliveries whilst using recycled, sustainable products throughout.

Will I have to live in a building site?
Absolutely not. We build your house extension offsite in our factory and deliver it when it’s complete. It takes just a couple of hours to crane into place. And it takes a day to create access from your house into the new extension. Workmen will only need to be on site for a week to prepare for installation.

How much does an extension cost?
All our extension pods are bespoke and manufactured to your exact specification. Typically our costs will be comparable to traditional construction. But with the advantages of a much higher build quality in less than half the time. If you think about it, we are delivering the exact same building but using higher quality materials. So your benefits will be more long term by way of whole life costs and lower maintenance.

Do you really want the disruption of builders in your home for 12 weeks when we can deliver a better building in less than a week onsite?

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